An extraordinary island with a huge range of character, culture, traditions and unique sceneries for you to discover throughout the four seasons of the year.
Rooted to the north coast of western Crete with history that begins centuries ago and carries on through the path of time.
A unique character is exposed through the many years of invasions and inhabitance of different cultures that have placed their stigma in the center of Chania and the old Venetian harbor is the obvious proof for that, neo classical buildings intertwined with a strange but admirable way to the Venetian ones, as you walk around the small paths able to recognize the lighthouse which dominates above all.
From the north side the mountain range of Lefka Ori giving a wild unspoiled beauty and from the south the Cretan sea giving its respects to the princess of the island.

Aptera Travel was established in 1979 in the city of Chania. Throughout these 25 years in tourism we have provided high quality services for many tour operators from various European countries such as Great Britain, Skandinavia, Austria, Switzerland, Italy, Germany and Holland.

We specialize in organizing car hire, excursions, cruises, ticketing, investments and providing local information.
We provide services for tour operators as well as organizing specialist groups such as inspirational tours, painting holidays, Spring wild flower groups and mountain climbing. Other special activities that are available are golfing, diving, water sports, trekking, horseback riding and bird watching. There are plenty of interesting things to do in the area as well as enjoying some of the most beautiful sandy beaches. Several archeological sites and museums as well as the wandering of the old Venetian harbour are all possibilities.
Additionally, we can arrange specific traditional excursions like: designed agricultural tours, preparation of Cretan meals, treading of grapes, making of raki, olive pressing and Cretan dancing evenings.
Chania is a great destination for a holiday and we are only too happy to provide any one of the above services you may require.